Imagine – #CoronaVirus Edit (Sorry, Lennon!)

But I Smile Anyway...

Yes… I admit, I have been at it again, doctoring lyrics of classic songs!

Bitmoji Image

This time it was Imagine, by John Lennon that got my makeover!

Or, you might want to watch my animated version…

 IMAGINE   Imagine there’s no bog roll It’s easy if you try No real tissue to wipe with Gonna have to air dry Imagine all the people without a bidet   Imagine no MacDonalds No Costa, KFC On no, what will you eat now? Gonna have to cook your own tea Imagine all the people raiding ASDA   You may say I’m a dreamer Actually I’m not, it’s really on I hope, some day this Coronavirus Will feck off and just do one   Imagine kids home schooling Parents trying to teach Controlling all their offspring Voices raising to a screech Imagine all the adults reaching for the gin   Ooh oh ooh  …

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6 thoughts on “Imagine – #CoronaVirus Edit (Sorry, Lennon!)

  1. Ha!! You crack me up – You left off the rest of it – “And out of trouble” So I’m guessing you left that off because, keeping busy doesn’t always keep you out of trouble?? LOL!!
    xoxo 💖🌹😊


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