Forming A Positive Chain Reaction – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


We are all links in a chain. No link is unimportant, each link, every individual, is completely essential. Together we play a role in achieving a greater purpose. My friends and family are health care workers and law enforcement officers. They are on the frontline, working long hours for our health and protection. Daily they see, handle, and resolve issues so we can live in comfort. Yet, they rely on us for comfort, too.

The frontline workers depend on their support systems for things like childcare, senior care, appropriate equipment, food, and emotional care. When they are secure, when they know their families are safe in their absence, they commit and focus on their jobs. When they have needed equipment, and we remind them of the simple functions of eating and sleeping, they work at peak levels with confidence. And when they have seen and experienced more than any human should…

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