The Beauty of Challenges Faced – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


There is a Spanish saying, “No hay rosa sin espinas.” The translation is, “There are no roses without thorns. Life is rampant with contradictions. Life, death, light, dark, good, evil, ancient, modern, ying, and yang.  Many believe our purpose is to find happiness, become rich, or attain enlightenment. But what if the actual reason is to experience and appreciate everything the world offers? Do we not welcome the warmth of the summer sun after the frigid temperatures of winter? Drought sweetens a thunderstorm, navigating rough waters heightens the joy of smooth sailing, and the coronavirus creates gratitude for our health.

There is evidence suggesting when we face challenges, we improve our existence. You know the adage, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Weightlifting tones muscles, solving problems strengthens confidence. Devising creative solutions keeps your mind nimble and amplifies your sense of achievement. When we look at difficulties in a unique light, we can see them as…

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