Ocean Whispers – a poem by Mark  Tulin

Amethyst Review

Ocean Whispers

I believe in the ocean.
I worship quietly
in her liquid comfort without fanfare,
in her smaller bodies of saltwater,
the inlets and the bays,
along her shoreline where seaweed
skids into a foamy paste,
exchanging a few sacred whispers,
a heavenly sun to illuminate her presence,
an impromptu hymn from the saints
to commemorate her lasting grace
and a succession of minor miracles
that pass slowly from one wave to the next.

Mark Tulin is a former therapist who lives in California. Mark has two poetry books available at Amazon, Magical Yogis and Awkward Grace. The Asthmatic Kid and Other Stories will be published in August of 2020. He’s been featured in Poetry Village, Oddball Magazine, Poppy Road Review, among others.  Follow Mark at Crow On The Wire.

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