Tear’s On My Pillow Written By Nichole Sulpizio


He hears her cry

In the middle of the night

Listening as she asked God why

Praying it all will stop

Tears falling like heavy raindrops

Soaking her satin pillow case

Mascara dripping down her pretty face

In anguish

His strong yet gentle whispers

On the phone line


Baby, Baby

Over and over

Listen to me

Hearing his plea

Her sobbing halts

He whispers again

Do not be ashamed

Your not to blame

For there mistakes

Beautiful woman

Beautiful heart

Let me heal you

Save you

I am your superman

Let me show you

The love a real man can bring

Believe me

No other will love you as much as i do

I promise to kiss those soft tears from your lips

Savor your body

Those beautiful curvy hips

Hold them tight

Endless every night

Making love to you

Hear you scream in delight

Nothing will keep me…

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