Our world… Old world, new world.


Our world…Old world, new world.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words


               Old world, new world
Old world is gone. Our world is quiet.
Today the streets are empty,
people are being kinder to each other.
Time for us to lead with concern, kindness and listen to each other.
I pray our new world,
we send water, food and medicine to countries in need.
Time for the leaders of our world to befriend each other.
Our children are watching.
I pray we create a new world,
where war is forgotten,
and human kindness is alive and well.
Our world
Grandchild played with other children at the beach.
He does not see the color of the other children skin and
he doesn’t question the children race or religion.
They built a great dam and a small city of sand.
Would be nice if…

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