Join our “Community Garden” of Poetry

Steps In Between

community garden calling hands

Happy earliest Spring since 1896! In celebration, come join our “Community Garden” of Poetry!

This year March 19th marked the Spring Equinox, and with world-wide isolation and the stuffiness of staying home, I am ready to burst into something beautiful and colorful and flowerful! In less than two weeks April arrives signaling…National Poetry Month!

So, let’s celebrate with a garden of poetry from everyone in my writing community!

community garden calling murals and tires CvT4GWYXgAAYEhB

It’s “Community Garden” time!

Recently, I challenged my students to write a poem about a flower, or weed, or bush, or tree, or meadow, or mountain, or anything that can change and grow with the season…especially the coming of Spring!

community garden calling garden 2009_CKS_07772_0414_000(konstantin_makovsky_summer_garden) Art by Konstantin Makovsky

Now, it’s your turn!

Send me one poem about something growing and lovely in this new season ahead (in place of the sadness and worry and fear in the world) and I will put them…

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