Vodka and Hydrogen Peroxide

Women Who Think Too Much by Jeanne Marie

I’m not obsessing about the virus. The way I figure it, I’ll get it, or I won’t. I’ll recover or I won’t. That’s life.
Just for curiosity’s sake, I wonder why everybody’s buying out all the rubbing alcohol. Soap and bleach can kill germs.
I do wonder if anybody has thought about vodka yet, because the store shelves are empty of rubbing alcohol.
The way that I see it, if you bought a gallon of high proof vodka, (at least 140) you could disinfect whatever needed disinfecting and you could drink it and forget about the whole virus thing. Also, Barcadi makes 151 proof rum.
Maybe your anxiety and panic would disappear. All you would need is to make sure you had more vodka. I say you, not me because I have been sober for over forty years and I’m not letting a virus get me drunk now.
The only…

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10 thoughts on “Vodka and Hydrogen Peroxide

    1. Well, just so you know reading your posts reaches out to me, in so many great ways – laugh, tear up, think, wonder – I won’t bore you by going on and on and on!! Please keep writing and posting. I have missed your posts, maybe that was WP messing things up or maybe you took time off! If you enjoy My words, the best way to read them is to start with my 2017 archives. I’ve been rebloging so I can stockpile my work as “unpublished” Publishers count WP posts as “Published”. Boo! Would be interest in what you think good, bad or indifferent???

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      1. Yes, I try to save some that I want to send out for submissions. How does archiving on the blog help? Some publishers allow published if its only a certain amount of hits on the blog.
        In this craziness, I think I’m going to just post the few I had saved. If not now, when?
        I love going through your archives!

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        1. Oh, sorry! Ha, not clear! These are ones I posted before I decided I wanted to have a book. Really, some publishers will do that? I have heard that they all won’t take things posted on WP because they consider it published. Great to know. When I get further along I hope it’s ok to check back with you on any you know of ? Yes, so agree!! Life is too short, so If not now, then when is a great way to deal with it. The tick tock in my head gets louder every year!!

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          1. Some poetry chapbook contests like about 50 % published. They are all different. Yes, we can compare notes anytime. I self published, no rules! Smashwords and draft2digital for ebooks.
            Smashwords best sales.
            draft2digital I could format myself and they are working on printing format soon.
            Did Lulu for print and they released my files to Amazon sellers, so i pulled it, but Amazon seller’s still selling it.
            My tick tock running wild.

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