Spring’s Reminder to Focus on the Flowers – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I look forward to Spring. This year has been no exception. Here we are, the day has arrived. We made it. Why do I feel like someone stole my last roll of toilet paper? Why am I feeling let down? I considered it might be due to the perpetual rain and lack of sunshine. But that answer didn’t ring true. I dug a little deeper. There is a possibility today’s Vernal Equinox gained more importance than I should have attributed to it.

I realized the global pandemic, and mass uncertainty triggered a mindset fixated on Spring’s arrival. Scientists say our brains release dopamine, the happiness hormone, in anticipation of a reward. As we work toward a target, the shot of dopamine helps us feel good. But when you attain the goal, your dopamine levels drop. On a biochemical level, it is harder to find joy. Coupled with the realities we…

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