What is Normal? Who gets to decide?

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What is Normal? Who is Normal? Did someone really get to decide what is and isn’t normal? These are my random thoughts at 4 am lol. My mind is always going, never stops unless I am “trying” to practice some meditation or some yin yoga. Ok, lets get back to it…….

Are you willing to base your entire life off of someone else’s version of “Normal?” What is actually considered normal?

Is it the married man, with a wife , and three kids. Or is it the married man with three kids and a Husband?

Could normal be pink hair on a 50 year old woman? Or would it be more normal for a 18 year old to rock the pink hair?

What about the kid who wants to wear his protective superhero shields everywhere he goes, is that normal? Or the little girl who hates anything girly and is…

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