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Jo Hawk


Marie Curie conducted pioneering research on radioactivity. In 1903, they awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics to Marie, her husband Pierre, and physicist Henri Becquerel. Conservators store her notebooks in lead-lined boxes because of elevated levels of radiation. Her furniture, cookbooks, and many of her personal possessions, also require special handling. Marie carried vials of the deadly radium isotope in her pockets, a material with a half-life of 1,601 years.

Scientists throughout history have acted in ways that we might now consider reckless. But their investigations advanced our understanding of nature and our amazing universe. Curie’s research led to her hypothesis of the existence of atoms and she coined the phrase “radioactivity.” Today, scientists work to discover the next brilliant theory, a viable cure for life-threatening diseases, and new antibodies that will protect the world from evolving viruses. Scientists, health care providers, and the anonymous individuals who volunteer for clinical…

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