“ …we are signing up for male rule into perpetuity.”

Art of Quotation

But this urge — to demand perfection from women in the face of ever-changing requirements and with absolutely no model for what a “perfect” political woman might look like, and then to put imperfect women out to pasture once we don’t see any route for them to accomplish what we want — is one of many reasons we’ve never had a woman in the White House, and is one of many reasons we hemorrhage top female talent in nearly every industry and field.

If we continue to proclaim confidence that we will have a female president one day while cautioning against it happening right now, or with this woman, we are signing up for male rule into perpetuity.

Jill Filipovic, journalist

From The New York Times:

Watching ‘Hillary’ in the Wake of Elizabeth Warren’s Exit

A new documentary about Hillary Clinton conjures up déjà vu.


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