I am Yours

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I Am Yours

I can go anywhere
and i can be lost
but all i ever wanna be
is where you are
and be lost in your arms
for can i see
and sunshines
and butterflies
all through your eyes
and it doesn’t
matter where you are
for i am yours
and you
are mine

This is a photo taken by my lovely daughther Allana, sunset along the highway of Perak. We called it “gloomy sunset”, contrary to the usual bold yellow, or bold red sunsets. Even the sunset is looking sad and gloomy, considering all of what’s happening lately. And even the sunset is missing the world that it used to be; vibrant, happy, jolly, and just full of energy and love.

It is in the same way when we miss somebody. Missing someone is the worst and best feeling one could ever have.  It is the…

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