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Bravery is in your defiant smile , one that you display despite going through the atrocities of life

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Captive To A Dream – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


VJs Weekly Challenge – Morning


Photo: Looking out from the lake to South Bunbury and the morning rise.


“This is a wonderful day, I have never seen this one before.”  Maya Angelou

Captive To A Dream

Morning arrived,
I’m not sure how,
it evolved as an interruption
of which I was ambivalent,
I was captive to a dream,
yet I wanted to rise to the day,
but, I wanted to sleep
and I wanted this dream
through which I could see myself,
could see the world where I
understood that I did not understand.

©Paul Vincent Cannon


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Magic Reapers

Charmed Chaos

I can tell you I spend my days talking to the singing birds or
conversing with my little dog, who understands every word

My neighbors know nothing of me or what’s churning in my heart
I doubt they know my name, much less my poetic arts

When you say to someone ‘I’m a poet’, they look at you and stare
as if you are an abstract human with horns and flaming hair

And so I have no words to say, because I know there’s little use
unless you are a passionate writer, you have no heavenly clue

So a toast to all my comrade poets, my artistic moon dreamers
who soar among celestial stars for we are the magic reapers

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Glue For The Soul

Sarah Doughty

“In that moment, I knew.
You loved me too.
And in that moment, you saved me.”

You haven’t seen my dreams die a slow death. You haven’t seen me breaking into a million pieces. You haven’t seen my mind tear me down over and over, just as I was torn down over and over when I was young. And I should have known you wouldn’t understand how much I’m hurt. How broken I am. And I took a chance on you. I let you in. I wanted you to see how much I’ve been through. I knew it was a chance. I knew how much of a longshot it was. Because who would want something as broken as I am? I knew I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t try.

And here’s the thing: I did. For an instant, I regretted opening up to…

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