Charmed Chaos

It was a time of freedom- the seventies
Free love, free drugs, free to be me, free free free
Living with friends, aimless wandering
Never pondering the future
And then one night Bill Jr. came by
He wanted to share his latest find
Purple microdot in tiny squares
That would take you on a trip of your life
So my friends and I
We decide we’ll split one 4 ways
At first it wasn’t anything spectacular, at least for me
Then my three friends started tripping
Seeing lights, colorful rings, body tingling
And feeling other more unpleasant things
So I found myself saying to them ‘No, it’s not working for me’
As I spent the night waiting to come down from the high
While trying to keep at bay their fears and mine
I don’t know why but I kept hearing a train all night
as if it was bearing…

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