“and whether or not you stay”

Verses and Pieces

i have a friend who i talk with in two languages. or rather, three. the first is words, the second is silence, and the third is touch.

to say our friendship is my safe haven would be an understatement. there have been times when i’ve unleashed the full force of my pathetic-in-the-moment-so-pitiable self on him, and he’s just been there and held me. calmly. constantly. consistently. and then there have been others when he’s had to deal with my absolutely-hysterical-cuz-i-am-so-happy self and listen to my non-stop singing for minutes at an end (yes, as bad as it implies).

and it’s never been about the gifts we’ve bought each other or the trips we’ve taken together or anything like that. the stone upon which we- and our love- rests on is simply this: showing up for the other and staying. it’s the willingness to be vulnerable with each other and the…

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