The Dreaded Daylight Saving Time Adjustment – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


If there is one thing I dread, it is Daylight Saving Time (DST). It defies reason. The nomenclature is nonsensical. We are not “saving” daylight, the earth’s rotation does not speed up or slow down. Science says today there are eleven hours and thirty-five minutes of sunlight, and tomorrow we gain another three minutes. It is a natural phenomenon for spring.

The adjustment to DST mimics the feelings of jet lag. The abrupt change messes with our normal bedtime schedule. Studies show Americans sleep approximately 40-50 minutes less on the night after DST. This pattern continues for several nights. The disruption may cause daytime fatigue, an upset stomach, symptoms of mild sickness, moodiness, foggy memory, and lost productivity.

I suppose if we can alter time, we can transform anything. Good stories are the embodiment of change. We expect our characters to undergo transformations, and authors create and shape entire worlds. We take…

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