A life well lived!

Savvy Raj

How is life well lived asked someone to me recently.

While each of us has an answer that is perfectly tuned for our souls purpose.

Yet life is well lived…

In the letting go
Of the unnecessary
For then we experience life best
In the lightness of being.

When we persevere enough to let go…
Let go of the little niggles along the way
Those that seem to bother for the moment
They will diminish in time
Let go for the need for self importance
Remember our uniqueness
There is truly no one like another.
Let go of over stretching,
to meet up to overcommitment,
And the over expectations of society.
It is a disastrous road not worth taking .
Let go of over perfecting
Every thing said or done.
It can be truly overwhelming .

Let go of unkind and inconsiderate behavior.
One cannot and need not please them…

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