Aching Written By Nichole Sulpizio

Come and enjoy Nichole’s Post!



When it gets too much

I dream of your touch

You kissing my neck

Playing with my hair

Coconut smell

Praline and pear

The gravitation of your stare

Your soft lips on mine


Lost in time

Bubble gum kisses

Tasty and sweet

Settle for one day of this decant treat


Not over the phone

Not fantasizing alone

Your soft voice

Accent in my ear

Whispering my name

So closely only i can hear

Feel the softness

Blown on my skin

Each exhale

While i lie on your chest

Your arms tightly wrapped around me

Love from you surrounds me

Healing the ache in my heart

Past mistakes

That tore it apart

To feel a mans embrace

The stubble of your beard

Tickling my face


You give me what i have missed





Showing me this is love

A gentle man

Halo above


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