Help Me, For I Am Dreaming

Sarah Doughty

“I can’t help but dream of the day,
the day we become one again.”

It’s winter again, and I’m reminded of how you used to hold me in the night. When the air was too cold, but your body heat was enough to keep me from shivering. I cling to your scent, not wanting it to disappear. But I’m still here, under the same sheets, and I’m beginning to feel the ghost of your touch fade from my memories. I’m still here, and yet I’m beginning to panic. The thought of forgetting your scent haunts me, because there isn’t anything left of us but memories….

© Sarah Doughty

Special thanks to Blood Into Ink Press
for publishing this piece.
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A Cliched Rambling


DSC_0024 Photo Credit: Larry Rowe

we lost track of time,
smooth sailing
or so we thought…
the quiet before the storm
that muddied the waters

they say that time heals all wounds
but I’m not so sure,
time is more a sticky band-aid
that lessens the pain
but only time will tell

for the writing on the wall,
denotes happily ever after
dead in the water

©Heather Carr-Rowe

Written for V.J.’s Weekly Challenge: Cliché and Ragtag Daily Prompt: Water

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Too Late ~A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Walt's Writings

I stand before you
A Poet
All former glory now gone
Nothing left but my pride
I once had it all
But no longer
Nothing is left
Just memories
Of another time
I still write when my health allows it
Life was so easy then
Before the fall
I created images with words
Nothing fancy
Just raw, unadorned thoughts
Formed into poetry
Or something close to it
I want my health back
I want my life back
I want our love back
But it may be too late

~The Tennessee Poet ~
©WaltPage All rights reserved




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Daily Prompts- Ready?

Keep it alive

(Image credit: Pinterest)

Are you ready for an adventure?

Take a friend along and make it a day

Don’t be deterred by the water from the Sky

Or any glitch that comes trying to spoil your plans

Everything depends on how you see it

See an opportunity to have fun and you’ll get it

And if you see the dark clouds and not the silver lining

It will be your fault when the day live up to your expectations


In response to the following prompts;




Fault, Hostile, Friend





Word of the day Challenge;








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