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Jo Hawk


I bet Jennifer didn’t buy a typewriter, but I applaud her decision to select a vintage Mercedes. Given my current struggles with technology, I wonder if I might have been more productive using a typewriter. Then I realized even the most expensive machines lacked spell check and a delete key. Copy and paste was not an option, and printing multiple copies involved something called carbon paper. Finding a single mistake meant retyping the entire page. At the rate I make changes, I would go through a ream of paper in a single afternoon.

There is a saying that quality items, maintain their quality features. I am a big fan of searching estate sales, and resale shops, hoping for a rare find. Art pieces top my list. A well-executed oil painting or watercolor surpasses any mass-marketed print. Mismatched dishes, stemware, flatware, and vases in my favorite patterns and colors, are inexpensive…

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