Sunday Writing Prompt “Overcoming the Odds”

Keep it alive

OvercomeWhen they said I couldn’t do it

Did I just gave it up and stepped away

Definitely not

I persisted and went on

When they pointed out that it is difficult

Did you stopped trying and admitted defeat

I hope not

Letting others be the judge of how committed we are

Is like handing over the control of your life to them

Let the flame that is flickering in your soul

Flame into a roaring blaze, all-consuming

Dance to your own piper

March to your own band

You will show them how it’s done

You will get to your goal

Just like I did when I stopped listening

To others

And just heeded my own heart


The Challenge;

For this prompt I want you to think of a time when the odds did not appear to be in your favor. A time when your objective/desire/hopes seemed totally out of…

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A Faded Romantic's Notebook

She is more magical

than a sticky-winged butterfly

unfolding from its hard shell,

the vivid arc of a bright rainbow

after the storm,

the muscular power of a thoroughbred

thundering across a field,

a full silver moon sailing

across a velvet night sky,

a virgin fall of powdery snow

awaiting my skis,

the scent of freshly cut grass

at the end of a summer’s day,

a glass of brunello di montalcino

sipped by the fire,

the staccato gunfire of high heels

crossing a marble floor,

a newly emerged desert flower

ephemeral in the sand.

She is more magical

than fervent wishes

unexpectedly coming true.



© the author writing as Romantic Dominant

Not a new post. But sometimes there is magic.

Art by Gianni Strino

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Daily Prompts – Be careful

Keep it alive

Never be smug about the bounty nature has granted you

Beauty or wealth is transient and can go in a blink of an eye

What is permanent and forever beautiful is the kindness of soul

Nurture it and you will find that charm and magnetism follows

Too much ego and pride are like raiders of the integrity

The would rob your personality when you ride roughshod

Over the dignity of those you perceive of lesser importance

In response to the following prompts;




Smug, Trowel, Rough



Word of the day Challenge;







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