got a feeling

Written in Blue Mercury

Duc Tran stocks up as community directed.

Things changed on January 23rd.
On January 24th my company contacted me.
They gave me $4000 credit on and
They said make sure you can work from home for at least 4 months.
Over the next month I cherry-picked $4000 worth of food and “necessities”.

The last 4 day’s I’ve gotten up at 3:30.
I couldn’t sleep.
Each day after working out I went to the grocery store at 6am.
Actually, 5:50am… I’m always the first in line.
Last week.. Thursday… a gentleman showed me how at 5:53am you could
pull a side door open and enter the store without issue. Good man. Good man.

At 6am Sunday 3/1/20 the store was full. Completely full.
People were wearing masks.
Everyone was extremely polite to each other.
Everyone in line was extremely polite to each other and helpful.
The shelves were significantly…

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