A song that keeps me awake

In mind and out

A middle of the night, insomniac reblog of the same song that still keeps me awake…

I replay you in my mind, over and over,.

Like the loved, beautiful song in my head, all night,

I cannot sleep with you on repeat.

I close my eyes, and wait for the inevitable chorus of you;

The echoes of your lavish touch,

The way our silences created this beautiful harmony.

The lyrics that hinted at some impossible understanding of my soul

The time you me gave me a blanket because I couldn’t leave

And then kissed me while I closed my eyes and opened my heart.

Next comes the minor key change

The harmony scales tipped dangerously,

The forlorn soft sad lyrics of coulds and shoulds,

The inventory of fundamental failings.

I lie here, my eyes wide open,

This insomniac song on repeat.

I long for the closed…

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