Yeah, But Why?

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fuji cherry

Why do my whys
make people angry?
There is no dishonor
in saying, “I don’t know,”
or better yet, “Let’s go
find out.”

Of course, some “whys”
are unanswerable right
now, but still they
lead to interesting inquiry.

W e open our minds with “whys”
H elping others to seek to know
Y es, whys open many doors

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2 thoughts on “Yeah, But Why?

  1. In my experience, as I am sure it is for most of us, whenever I ask questions that begin with, “Why” and even “How”, I am met with disdain and even intolerance at the notion that I even try to ask questions about things I shouldn’t ask. I always thought that asking stuff and being curious keeps us moving forward and being better beings in order to help others. I guess, even now, not a lot of people want that.


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