more sacred than the stars ~



she said
the rain is coming
there are letters on the porch
sorrows sweetly pressed
against the trees
I know this wind
from lives before
a portion of me still
is whispered by the mountain
to the sea

he said
but for the dawning
I’d slip into the night
and leave behind a rumor
I was here
settled in your warm embrace
my head against your heart
tempted by your hands
into the light

she said
there’s something deeper
than ever I could tell
a mystery
more sacred than the stars
wills the sun to rising
with stories of the night –
where I am still
and you –
the way I know

he said
there was another time
I held you tenderly –
tho where and when
I’ve lost a part
of me
he said
it doesn’t matter
were this the only one
a moment stretched
between eternities

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