Of all the Things


(There are so many good things out there, but the best one is actually just right beside us)

                    Of all the Things

Of all the things i adore
your smile i can’t ignore
for it extends to your eyes
and deep into your soul
screaming gently with honesty
and purity 
like a child so innocent
so vibrant
so free

Of all the things i admire
your streaks of gray hair i can’t ignore
for it makes you more attractive
and even charming
screaming softly
with wisdom
and great sense
of maturity

Of all the things i revere
your soft, short bristles i can’t ignore
for it looks perfect on you
screaming deligthfully
with joyful interests
and a sincere
of humor

Above all things there is
your warm and comforting
embrace is what makes sense
for it calms my weary…

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