Catching Up Without Magical Intervention – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


My workload has doubled since my unscheduled vacation, and I am scrambling. While everyone feigns compassion, and profess their relief that I am well, the truth is they are anxiously waiting for me to deliver my assignments. “How soon?” is the implied question. With the pressure, it is easy to consider finishing the job for the most annoying person first. The trouble with this tactic is it means I fall further behind on my high-priority projects.

Finding the desire and focus to deal with the never-ending stack of work is daunting. I can’t count on magical unicorns, fairies, or helpful shoemaker elves. When I don’t know where to start, I clean my desk. It sounds counter-intuitive, but this simple task allows me to identify, organize, prioritize, and reschedule the tasks demanding completion. I block schedule, setting my agenda with specific times, and goals.

It is a ritual I have used often. Instead…

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