Writers Need Writers!

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Writers Need Writers!

Lunch with friends is always a joyful experience. When written on my calendar, it becomes a beacon of light to look forward to. And now I have a new “lunch with friends 2.0” to share: lunch with writer friends! Writers typically work alone. Isolation is required in the realms of creation, but sometimes we need to poke our heads out and interact with others.

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Yesterday, I had the good fortune of having lunch with my friend who is also an incredible author. We spent three hours talking about everything! From family and friends to memories and future goals. From books we’ve read, are reading, and want to read, to organizing our writing projects and publications (and hopeful publications), to our new, old, and even rekindled writing ideas. Layered between each and every topic we discussed was inspiration and encouragement.

I couldn’t get enough!

I’ve written before about…

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