Capturing A Moment in Fiction – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Is it strange I like spider webs? I am none too fond of the spiders themselves, but their wispy creations are often spectacular.  Add a misty morning dew to reflect the first gentle rays of sunlight, and you have something straight from a fairy tale. The webs remind me of snowflakes, extraordinary, perfect, and beautiful. If you are foolhardy and attempt to touch them, hold them, they dissolve as if they were a figment of the imagination.

I love Virginia’s perspective and the idea that fiction must maintain even a tenuous connection with the real world. Fiction, at its best, emulates a perfect moment, presenting a novel viewpoint through a fictional realm, and pristine fantasies, expressed with magnificent words. They are true figments, with each reader conjuring a version, shaped, and colored by the totality of the reader’s personal experiences. We step into a story and create a unique rendition…

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