My Valentine



My Dear Valentine,

We have yet to meet face to face

But I feel you every day

Regardless of time and space

I adore you

And long for your sweet embrace

I wonder where you are

Are you close?

Or are you far

My hope is, you will seek my love

Like searching for a star

Who are you?

And what is it that you do?

For fun

for folly

Or earning a coin or two

For here I am

Waiting patiently

To be a better me

Praying for you

Until, we finally meet

Each day my love grows

As I have seen you in my dreams

Only a glimpse

My joy bursting at the seams

So I smile and ponder

That in all the world

You are my gift, and I yours

Us waiting for our love story to be writ

Don’t lose hope

And remember the pearl

Just trust the…

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