Training Like an Elite Athlete Without Breaking a Sweat – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


It has been a succession of endless, busy days. Work deadlines required late nights, early mornings, and the effort has left my batteries drained. During the week, I pause every 52 minutes, but you can’t sustain that pace for long. I need less thinking, fewer decisions, and a breather. I recognized the signs. I’ve noticed my lack of energy, lack of motivation, and my “fuzzy-headed” inability to concentrate.

My poor prefrontal cortex is sending me messages, and I ignore them at the peril of sacrificing productivity. Scientists have identified this region as the center responsible for decision-making, problem-solving, and performance management. I have learned downtime is just as important as working hard. Elite athletes know the importance of recovery days. They are scheduled rests slotted between periods of intense training. It is time for a relaxing cup of tea, a blazing fire in the fireplace, a good book, and perhaps…

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