On Love, Death, and Hurricanes

Charmed Chaos


I’m sorry I woke you up
in the middle of the night to eat ice cream,
but the hurricane is here and now the power is out
and I don’t know what to do with all the food,
it’s going to rot and start to smell
please wake up now
there’s not one single ice cube to be had
to cool a glass of sweet tea
what I wouldn’t give
for an ice cold glass of tea right now,
with the outside of the glass
sweating in the oppressive humid air
or hell, maybe a beer because
I am really stressed out
about this damn hurricane.


No one lives after taking 20 hits of acid
but you did and I watched over you all night
while you rambled on about nonsensical things
and worried myself sick about whether
you would live or die
you didn’t tell me

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