The Convenience of Writing in Inconvenient Places – Daily Quote

Don’t be shy answering the question of where you write at the end!!

Jo Hawk


No matter how much you plot, plan, schedule working time, and commit to keeping the promise, life happens. The dog requires a walk, a friend needs a shoulder, or you fall asleep at the keyboard. If I waited for celestial alignment and ideal circumstances, I fear I would never write.

Luckily writers are creative, muse driven, inspirational lightning rods, and we must write when the ideas strike. While I am not sure my motion sickness would allow me to compose in the back seat of a taxi, hotels, airports, and airplanes would work. I am enamored with writing in a Walden Pond environment. Maybe I should start a bucket list of writing spots.

The good news is I don’t have to wait for the perfect writing space to materialize. Lacking access to an internet connection improves my productivity. If I can open my laptop and manage to balance it well…

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