Let it Go

Writing with an Open Heart

I’ve felt the heartache and anger.
I’ve heard the judgment and criticism.
At one point I used to hold every word close to my heart.

But now I learned how harmful such an action could be,
It could ruin a person.

That’s how dreams get butchered,
And ambitions get killed.

That’s how emotions drown,
Without an outlet of any kind,
They have nowhere to go.

That’s how you stop knowing who you are,
And you stop recognizing your own reflection,

Even if it’s boldly staring back at you .

Since I’ve learned to be my own best friend,
I’ve discovered that these words are a reflection of the people who say them.

So now when I hear them,
I just smile and let them go
Because other people don’t define me,
But my actions do.


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