You’re Invited: Elfchen Poetry Potluck

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Steps In Between

One + two + three + four + one = eleven

elfchen ElevenSightings3

A little challenge, a little math, and a lot of poetry! I love my writing community, for a multitude of reasons, but today I am thankful for Charles Lindholm’s poetry challenge: to write an Elfchen. After I bit into one, I couldn’t help tasting a few more. Suddenly, I’m throwing a party and WOW, what an event it has become. I am grateful to everyone for joining in the fun, and I am honored to share their work

But first, an Elfchen is an eleven-word poem written across five lines. It is also called an elevenie. Elf means eleven in German, and -chen at the end of a German word makes the word wee or enduring. So, an Elfchen is a little poem.

elfchen rules csm_Vorlage_Elfchen_ec5ae22718

Here’s how it works:

One word for line one             …

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