The Multiverse, Alternate Timelines, and Following Your Dreams – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


I am reading a thought-provoking story exploring the multiverse, alternate timelines, and an entire ensemble of countless regions created by distinct big bangs, within disconnected space-times, with an ever-increasing number of universes. Wrapping my mind around the cosmos’ vastness is difficult. Since childhood, space, time, and alternate worlds have intrigued me.

Another fascination is when we sleep and dream. Everyone dreams, even if the full contents don’t make the jump into our wakefulness. They are part of us, skimming beneath consciousness, waiting for us to discover them. One concept says everything is a dream, and every dream is real. It then follows that every dream is possible. The idea, when considered, can play tricks and twist your mind into a pretzel.

What if there is a kernel of truth? Do dreams allow a glimpse into timelines where you live an idealistic, picture-perfect, best-version-of-yourself life? If your dream life exists in…

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