Share your World January 27, 2020

Keep it alive

Thank you , Melaniefor hosting ;

Share Your World


1. What age would you like to live?

I have no fixed number in mind but I do wish to stay alive till the time I can look after myself and my needs. Beyond that time, I would really be miserable, dependent on others. Maybe 65 or so sounds fine. Also, I don’twantto turn into a nasty old crabbywoman who plaguesthelife of their loved ones. Better be gone leaving good and pleasant memoriesbehind.

2. What mystery do you wish you knew the answer to?

Why gaining weight is so easy and losing it so very hard.

If I eat 100 calories extra in one day I will gain one pound and if I starve myself for a week, I may lose that one pound! Very puzzling!

If I knew the answer…

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