The Magic of Books


With her little hands, she scans each page
and as she looks.
She finds that she is mesmerized by the
magic from these books.
By candlelight she reads each night and as
the candle burns.
She finds delight from the the magic of books
with each page she turns.
For a moment, she’s a princess dancing, in
a castle she’d be prancing.
Other times a ballerina, loved by all that came
And seen her.
Yes, she loves these books to me she said.
She keeps them neatly stored next to her bed.
Each night she goes to sleep it seems she
always dreams the same sweet dreams.
All the while she has a smile and as these thoughts
dance through her head. ”She believes” that
there is really magic. In every page she’s read..

By Thad Wilkes.

Artist Tammara Markegard
Text and image source: Snowwolfs Woodland…

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