Soon As You Say Yes

Fallen Angels

I think you should wear your hair down
Like I asked you
Braids are pretty but you can braid your hair back up
When I’m done
Hours upon hours of words
I want everything
That you heard
Whether we’re just souls
Or mates
We don’t need a bed
To relate
There’s a shower
With running water
I just wanna relate
Take over my body
So you can get the same feeling
Take over your body
So you’re willing
To ease my pain
Pleasure and hurt
Spin on the same cycle
I be listening to songs
Thinking of you
Thinking of this
Looking further forward
So I can look back later
And reminisce
If I’m looking back
Then I know
We already did all of this
You get it?
I’m planning nights with you
Just as soon as I walk in
I’m overwhelmed by emotions
Stranded in your oceans
Diving and…

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