Sunset Spot

Valorous Bird


Looking at his smiling face, mouthing seductive words which formed a naughty glint in his eyes, tempted me to touch him and make him mine. He parked the car on our secret sunset spot and we resumed our kissing. His hands reached for my heart claiming it to be his. The rising fervor between us led us to move to the back of the car while disrobing each other. The two wild tides had long yearned for this moment. Filling each other with magical colours of sunset which conspired with the cool breeze for our sublime reunion.


The seductive manner of taking off her sweat and showing her naked waist while my hands on the steering wheel thinking to touch her. The groan forming in my chest was hard to conceal. After parking, our thirsty mouths incessantly worked on each other. Her skin glistening under the colour…

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