Winter Days Ignite Poetry

Steps In Between

winter poems 2020 Snowy-Day-Lowell-Birge-Harrison-oil-painting Snowy Day, Oil Painting by Lowell Birge Harrison (

 January has unveiled its raw winter-ness. For Seattle, that blast of snowy chill equates to a romanticized sense of wonderland…well, for the writer in me. Maybe because I grew up where wintery-season months matched splendidly with all the storybooks from my childhood…snowfall under lamp posts, icicle-clad roof eaves…and my dad bundled under the warmth of his red flannel shirt, shoveling the drive.

winter poems 2020

A favorite memory, relived year after year in Eastern Washington, is the mounds of snow that grew like a mountain in our yard. After every plowing of our driveway, fresh snow accumulated in heaps. My sister and I built snowmen, and snow-bunnies, and snow caves big enough to sit in and drink hot chocolate from a thermos. We worked all day creating our masterpieces.

Yet, as much as I can still feel the heat of the cocoa, even…

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