Moot Questions

Smell The Coffee

If there were questions to be asked of me

they would be-

why I choose to cloak 

myself in words

and why I encourage the torrid affair

between pen and paper (in my home)

or even

why I don’t simply stop 

to breathe

My answer…if there were an audience 

would be

“Have you seen the wind pause for breath-

-even when it passes through deadly hemlock?

or have you seen a waterfall retreat to whence it came?


perhaps a volcano regret its eruption?

These points are moot so let’s speak of other matters

Are there any questions?

© Vivian Zems

Dverse Poets– Poetics- Last Lines

“Are there any questions?”- The Handmaid’s Tale, Margaret Atwood

Note: Hemlock is a very poisonous plant. In fact, all parts of the plant are toxic. Hemlock is most poisonous during the early stages of growth in the spring, but it is dangerous at…

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