The Quest for Creativity and Inspiration – Daily Quote

Jo Hawk


Inspiration and creativity are indelibly linked. Inspiration materializes from the ether, exploding like St. Elmo’s Fire. The event is awe-inspiring, forging a connection to a powerful energy, and the motivation to create. You emerge with certainty, clarity, and a vision. A concept to launch your project, intuition on how to proceed, or a novel way to complete your task, is the product of your transcendental experience.

Recreating the encounter is an exercise in futility, and chasing it makes it more elusive. When I hit a wall, the best solution is to step away from my screen and do something else. I have a laundry list of preferred activities. I shovel snow, do yoga, walk outside, indulge in a hot bath, or brew a strong pot of coffee to sip with fresh baked red velvet cake. Ideas have struck while weeding, crocheting, arranging a bouquet, listening to the wind dancing in the…

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