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Reign of Pride | DJ Ranch


The raindrops flow in rivers down the window pane and I imagine them intersecting with the memories from another day. Looking through the glass, the outside world is distorted through the long water phalanges like streams…distorted like the conversation. My thoughts hijacked by the perceived slight. The harsh, uncaring attitude.

I watch the treetops swaying in the front moving through; cooler air today, and I imagine my emotions in the same frosty dance. Where are the birds this winter morning? Hunkered down like my soul. Withdrawn and sullen…waiting for the thundershower to pass.

Watching the rain fall from the sky, I feel a similar soaking…a reign of pride descends over me. Pouring into my mind in a fury of demand and obstinance. What will I do? Will this twister of self-righteousness consume me or will I forgive? The cost of holding on is high. The demands of love greater.

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