Five Things- That I like about me

Keep it alive

Crannyof Cranny’s Cove has written a wonderful post. It explores the idea of being kind to yourself.

She has shared five things she liked about herself. I will be doing the same.

Furthermore, I will start a Prompt, (for as long as ideas last )of ;

5 things

I hope you will join me in this prompt.

This week;

Share five things that you like about yourself.

My five things;

1• My optimism;

I get upset and worried about things in life like everyone else, but I have the ability to see the glass half-full. I think that this has helped me in coping with the challenges life has thrown my way, in a better way. Even when things look very dark, I manage to find something that make me less anxious.

2• My sense of humor;

When in stress, I have this habit of cracking jokes. It…

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