Source of Inspiration

What happened to discretionary income?
Too often every penny is accounted for
before we receive the money. Are we
working only to survive the moment?

I adored having elective subjects in
college for then I could study what
I really loved. But, wait a moment,
isn’t that rather absurd? Why weren’t
my electives my majors? Because my
electives would not make me the most money!
And, in my culture, making money was the goal.
I could do the things I love to do
only when I had discretionary money
and time. Oh, yes, an energy left
over…a rare commodity in our
rat race world.

Today I am retired, that is, from
the whip of making money. I live
humbly but richly for I go from
one activity that I love to another.
Why did I need to be almost 70 to do
what I love?

Next time I am going…

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