I seek more


I seek for loyalty in a world that is drunk in fetish desires

I seek for water in a desert that’s set on fire

What can I seek more

I’m on a journey

And my destination is unknown

I’ve seen the good in people

And the worst they can do

I’ve seen them living the dreams of others

Ah, so naive like me and you

In this materialistic world,

I seek for love that’s baricated beneath the heavy crust

Unreachable, far gone, left with shallow vision and hidden lust

What can I seek more

In a place where time controls the mind

Where reality and dreams never collide

I seek for divine; Purity

In an illusion set by the strings of fate

This destiny is a treasure you cannot possess

Yet you try and fail

What can I seek more

Here the days and nights aren’t stable

Here people…

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Source of Inspiration

What happened to discretionary income?
Too often every penny is accounted for
before we receive the money. Are we
working only to survive the moment?

I adored having elective subjects in
college for then I could study what
I really loved. But, wait a moment,
isn’t that rather absurd? Why weren’t
my electives my majors? Because my
electives would not make me the most money!
And, in my culture, making money was the goal.
I could do the things I love to do
only when I had discretionary money
and time. Oh, yes, an energy left
over…a rare commodity in our
rat race world.

Today I am retired, that is, from
the whip of making money. I live
humbly but richly for I go from
one activity that I love to another.
Why did I need to be almost 70 to do
what I love?

Next time I am going…

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“Literature is doomed if liberty of thought perishes…”

Art of Quotation

“Literature is doomed if liberty of thought perishes.

Not only is it doomed in any country which retains a totalitarian structure; but any writer who adopts the totalitarian outlook, who finds excuses for persecution and the falsification of reality, thereby destroys himself as a writer.

Unless spontaneity enters at some point or another, literary creation is impossible,

and language itself becomes something totally different from what it is now, we may learn to separate literary creation from intellectual honesty. At present we know only that the imagination, like certain wild animals, will not breed in captivity.”

George Orwell, writer

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Shall I Be Real? – a poem by Paul Vincent Cannon


dVerse Poets – Meeting the Bar – Soliloquy 

Frank at dVerse has invited us to write a soliloquy, to speak one’s interior dialoguee aloud. Latin: solus – alone; loqui – speak.


Photo: pixabay.com

“Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”  Charles Bukowski

Shall I be Real?

Who am I in this curling world,
do I speak from that deeper self,
the I who sees all of all
and knows a word,
or, do I hide and speak a simple side
of who they want of me,
will I pretend to be one of them
and speak their truth against myself,
shall I pretend of them or
shall I be real of me?

©Paul Vincent Cannon

Paul, pvcann.com

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Forever loved, Oreo


Thank you to all who sent their love and prayers, I know Oreo and I felt them, but with a heavy heart, I  let you know, Oreo is no more…he was too old and too weak for surgery and was in a lot of pain, and doctor recommended this was the best course of action,…he was the best pup we could ever ask for and shall forever live in our hearts. Thank you for loving him over the years, he will  forever feel that love.


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