Tired of Running


Photographer Unknown



In life, you can only run so far

Before what you fear

Catches up to you

One way or another

Hiding, doesn’t help

It only delays

And the battle will come

When you least expect it

The numbness of not feeling

Though valued for a time

Hinders that, which we hunger for most

To be loved

It allows us to be fooled

            Until you feel the stirrings of your emotions

                        And for better or worse

                                    The fears come

You feel hopeless and unarmed

            Running to go hide

                        Is the first instinct

                                    Yet we long for one, who won’t let us

A safe harbor, is what I need

            To unleash my tears

                        A light, to help set things straight

                                    A warrior, to love, and fight by my side


Don’t let me run

            Nor let me lie…

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