Everything has Happened So that We Can Get to Where We Are Now #Inspiration #Regret #FeliciaDay #EmbraceYourWeird

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“Everything that has happened in our lives is so that we can get to the place we are now. And that is the place that leads us to where we need to go next.” -Felicia Day, Embrace Your Weird

I put this on a picture of a zen rock “sculpture” on the ocean because it just feels so right.

I am loving “Embrace Your Weird: Face Your Fears and Unleash Creativity” by Felicia Day. This quote is about regret. It is about second-guessing your decisions and choices and then beating yourself up about all of your mistakes.

Don’t do that!

All of your choices, your mistakes and failures, your successes and triumphs make up where you are today. They make up all of your relationships, good and bad, and are unique to you alone. Those choices also affect who you are as a creative person. Embrace them.

Ms. Day goes…

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